The church of this village can be named the real record-holder. Why? In fact more than 20 volunteers of the Christian Mobile Medical Team are from here. Our dear Karpylivka village in Rokytne district is a cradle which brings zealous of God’s work people. This is the place where last Sunday we had the opportunity to serve in the church and had tea-meeting with our friends. On the way to Karpylivka village we visited the neighbor church in Borove village. Praise God for His large family!

The city, where the history of Ukraine, world and… our singing band has been смайлик In particular, in this beautiful city on February,21 we had the opportunity to participate in two church services. Thank Kamianets-Podilskyi city for a hospitable atmosphere and participation in a service of the Christian Mobile Medical Team!

P.S. Also we thank Rostyslav Murakh for teaching us how to be able to conduct three church services in one day in different parts of the region)) Because we were waited in “Grace of Lord” church in Khmelnytskyi city in the evening. Thank God!

On January, 31 we took part in two church services in Khmelnytskyi city. We shared testimonies and sang songs. We are very impressed by generous financial and prayer support of a service of the Christian Mobile Medical Team. Thank yoy!

Contemplating the beautiful winter landscape written by the best Artist and Designer, with joy in our hearts and song upon our lips we, like the shepherds, hurry to share the wonderful news about the birth of Savior.

From north to west the Christmas carol is heard, filling with joy the souls of our brothers and sisters from the churches in Zarichne district, Polesie and Vynohradiv district, Transcarpathian region.

There are no coincidences with God… And the watchful guards of the Belarusian border, refusing our admittance on Christmas, had no idea that God’s will is performed through them. In fact, on that particular day January 17 we needed to meet with our Belorussian friends, who supported service of the Christian Mobile Medical Team so generously.

Привітно зустріла наш співочий гурт столиця України. Разом з церквою "Філадельфія" та ц. по вул. Кар'єрна, 44 помолилися за Україну, заспівали пісень для слави Божої. Послухавши свідчення команди про служіння в зоні АТО, багато хто захотів стати співучасником Божої справи як фінансами, так і власною присутністю. Дякуємо кожному, хто зрозумів суть Євангелії: "Полюби ближнього свого, як самого себе".

Ковель...Серце Волині...І люди тут також з великими і добрими серцями, готовими вмістити біль інших і послужити тим, хто в біді...Дякуємо церкві "Спасіння" та ц."Ковчег" за гостинний прийом! Віримо, що сіючи разом Слово Боже в знедолені серця, разом і будемо пожинати плоди радості спасіння в Небесних оселях!