On October 7, 2017 the Christian Mobile Medical Team visited the 6th All-Ukrainian Conference of Christian Physicians in Vinnytsia, dedicated to the Spiritual Reformation in Medicine. This day turned the consciousness upside down of all participants of the event.

"Reforms start with us! We must become the professionals who know, work and study more than anyone else. Constant focus on God's truth is a direct way to success! "- said the speakers of the conference.

"Environment around the Christians should be changed for the better by them” – Paul Silkovskyi noticed.

Representatives from Ministry of Health of Ukraine also inspired the participants of the conference by their enthusiasm and ideas about the changes in the health system.

We believe that it is the Christian physicians who will become this powerful force to change our country and medicine in particular.

We are sincerely grateful to the team of doctors Radiologists Without Borders that they held a two-day workshop on mammography, ultrasound and X-ray diagnostics for the Christian Mobile Medical Team in October, 6-7. Every participant had the opportunity to improve the practical skills in ultrasound diagnostic of different organs and systems supervised by Terra Stowell.

Also mammography skills supervised by leading specialists from the USA, M.D. Tariq Gill and Laurie Ziegler. were very valuable. We observed medical images and learnt to differentiate normal and pathological conditions, benign tumors and cancer. Several patients, who were examined on these days, got to know about the changes in breast for the first time and immediately were referred to the doctors for further treatment.

We thank everyone who contributed to the organization and holding of this seminar.

"На полі бою ми працюємо не головою, а руками!"- вже як кредо звучали ці слова. Бути емоційно стійким, впевненим та водночас швидким і тактичним у своїх діях... Цьому знову нас навчали на ТАКМЕД, який проходив в м.Рівне 14 лютого для ХММК.

“Will you go?” – it is a question to every heart that loves God. And where? For what? How? With what resources? Answers to this and other questions we got on February,13 at a seminar conducted by Ihor Skots. The main topic of this training was how we can execute Great Commission of Jesus Christ on this earth in practice: “Go and make disciples of all nations…”