The Christian mobile medical team is the fulfillment of a vision birthed at Capitol Hill Assembly of God in Oklahoma City, OK.

The idea of a medical trailer was developed by the Missions directors of the church, Forrest and Kathy White, together with missionaries Kevin and Eunice Taylor. At the same time in Ukraine, other groups of Christian doctors were beginning to conduct similar medical outreaches. With their help, we were able to begin our medical evangelistic project.

At the beginning of the project, International Humanitarian Aid Organization “Hope in Action” received the trailer from America, which was already equipped with 2 rooms and all necessary adaptation s for patient care. The church provided the following equipment: clinical laboratory instruments ,an ultrasound machine, an electrocardiogram, peak flow meters, otoscopes and opthalmoscopes and other necessities.

In 2001, a missionary family, Tom and Nancy Wespetal (a family doctor) together with their children Melanie and Matthew came to Ukraine in order to coordinate the medical project.

Starting in 2002, a team led by Nancy and the Glavatskys (Svetlana and Miroslav) and Evgenia Reebinina began with other co-workers from different parts of Ukraine to make the vision a reality.

The first medical outreach was conducted on December 5, 2002 in the city of Ivankov, Kiev Region. Since 2002, literally 1000’s of participants including various other humanitarian organizations, American missionaries, medical personnel other volunteers have sacrificed their time and talents toward this project and gave of themselves to respond the needs of Ukrainians. In this God’s name was praised

Because of the financial and material support which began with the offerings of Capitol Hill Assembly of God and continues with the support of different missionaries and churches in Ukraine and the United States, we have been able to continue our work.

With the participation of Jubilee Christian Center in Fairfax, VA the clinic received one of the most unexpected gifts of all, a mobile X-ray unit which now along with the medical trailer goes to different corners of Ukraine.


The very first goal of the medical clinic was to relieve human suffering and raise the spiritual level of the Ukrainian population by preaching the gospel to Ukrainians of every age.

The mobile Clinic and our organization “Hope in Action” wish to sincerely thank all who have together with us served the Lord and advanced His kingdom here in Ukraine.

The conduction of these medical outreaches has become possible because of the Lord’s mercy and will. Without His blessing and help, it would have been impossible.

We would like to express special thanks to our sponsors, the local medical personnel, local churches, humanitarian organizations, students and everyone else who took part in these events.

We pray for you and believe that God’s promises will be fulfilled in your life!